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My Interview with Pharouk Damilola Films , a Genius and Visionary Filmmaker.

In this exclusive interview, I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Pharouk Damilola, the talented filmmaker from Lagos, Nigeria. His captivating storytelling and unique artistic vision have garnered widespread acclaim. Pharouk Damilola ‘s journey as a filmmaker is nothing short of inspiring. Join me as we delve into his creative process, explore the themes that drive his work , and gain valuable insights into the world of this extraordinary Nigerian filmmaker. Get ready to be captivated by the stories and experiences that have shaped the cinematic genius of Pharouk Damilola.

First, during the initial part of our interview, Pharouk revealed fascinating detailed about his background. He proudly shared that he was born in Nigeria and raised in Ivory Coast. As the middle son in a family of 3 boys and 2 girls, he cherished the bonds formed in such dynamic household. Pharouk‘s journey led him to Nigeria in 2003, where he made a significant move to pursue an Anglophone education. His passion for mass communication flourished during his studies at Federal Polytechnic, Bida, in Niger state. Both his national diploma and higher national diploma laid the foundation for his creative pursuits in the world of film making. With his enriching experiences in both Nigeria and Ivory Coast, Pharouk‘s storytelling carries a unique and diverse perspective that captivates audiences far and wide.

Furthermore, I asked Pharouk about his choice to pursue a career in film making, he explained that he wanted to go beyond the realm of photography to express himself fully. Being a shy and introverted kid, he discovered that writing alone wasn’t sufficient to represent the depth of his thoughts and emotions. In his own words, Pharouk stated, “I believe that audio-visual has a stronger element to influence and impact my environment and people, allowing me to connect and convey my ideas more effectively.” This realization fueled his determination to explore the power of filming as a medium for storytelling and expression. When I inquired about his passion, Pharouk shared that his love for traveling played a significant role. Pharouk’s films bring him joy as he connects with audiences, inspiring and making a positive impact on their lives. His unwavering dedication to film making is fueled by the fulfillment of sharing meaningful stories with the world.

Moreover, when discussing his struggles, Pharouk opened up about the challenges he faces due to Nigeria’s economic situation. It makes it difficult for him to travel more extensively. Additionally, he shared how the the global misconception about Nigeria poses further obstacles, as traveling with a Nigerian passport often come with restrictions to many countries. His greatest achievements come from bringing happiness to towns and individuals through his films. Pharouk takes pride in the recognition received at film festivals, including the Hip Hop Film Festival of West Africa Edition in New York. In addition, Pharouk shared his mission to use storytelling as a catalyst for positive change. He discussed upcoming projects on female genital mutilation and a documentary showcasing the beauty of Africa. He also revealed eye-opening discoveries, like Ejigbo, a French-speaking town in Nigeria, and Ganvie, Africa’s largest village on water, which reminded him that life goes beyond one’s place of birth.

Also, Pharouk shared he relates himself to esteemed influencers in Nigeria, film directors, cinematographers, and travel content creators. He draws inspiration from renowned names like Karl Shakur, Tayo Aina, and Sam Levinson, finding their work influential in shaping his own artistic journey.

In conclusion, Pharouk’s exceptional talent shines through his impactful works, leaving a lasting impression on everyone he encounters. He warmly welcomes collaboration and partnerships in the realm of visual storytelling to create positive impact in the world. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Pharouk for sharing his inspiring stories. I Hope he reaches his goals with the support of professionals eager to work alongside him.


Pharouk Damiloa Films :+234 806 164 2399


Instagram: @pharouk_damilola_films





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